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Reed our lips

This is why we don’t suck
  • Futureproof
  • Waterproof
  • Foolproof
Straws that don’t suck ☺︎

Suck it and see

  • Take your time

    No rush to finish. Raws are sogginess and sagginess free.

  • Dishwasher ready

    Hello, dishwasher. I need to be cleaned for the 54th time. Thanks.

  • Smoking hot!

    No drink is too hot for us. But we make drinkers hotter 🤷‍♂️

  • Au natural

    100% free from the standard industry BS.

  • Fits in

    Size matter, yes. Here’s a diameter that knows few limits.

  • Look at that!

    Beautiful aesthetics. Because the first sip is with the eye.

In a league of it’s own

Welcome to the greatest straw on earth. Nature’s answer to plastic. Not only does it work better than paper, plastic or even metal straws, it’s much sexier too.

Three people with drinks
Drinks with straws

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