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It’s not just a straw...

It’s a statement

Unique, like people.

Because our straws grow naturally, some are a little bigger, some are a little smaller. It’s all part of their beauty - and we like it that way.

As nature intended

Just as in nature, Raws are easily compostable, leaving no waste behind. We don’t even add dyes or chemicals or any of that weird stuff. It’s natural beige all the way.

Climate crisis sucks

Plastic doesn’t just clog up our oceans, it’s a huge contributor to CO2 emissions and other unsustainable nonsense.

Have a field day!

Our reed harvesting actually has a beneficial impact on the environment — helping improve water quality by replenishing reed stocks, and making life better for fish, birds and well, anyone that thinks fish and birds are cool (like us).

Sorry, not sorry

We are not processed, polished or preachy. We are Raws. Optimistic, headstrong and happy.

Smartly packed

We’re using recyclable, food-graded & FSC-certified paper for our boxes, that are also made in Sweden.

Person holding a Raws 10-pack
Person holding a Raws 10-pack

From Sweden with ♥︎

Straws that don’t suck ☺︎

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