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Straws that don't suck

Straws that don't suck

Let's take a scroll

The final straw

Everyone knows plastic straws suck. So we decided to do something about it. Raws are amazing biodegradable straws made of Swedish reeds.

No waste. No harm. No plastic.

Three people with drinks
Drinks with straws

Reed all about it

Made from sustainably harvested, naturally occurring hardy Swedish reeds, Raws are better for you, and better for the planet than plastic or paper straws. It’s as simple as that.

A field with reeds

Rocket Science

We’re shooting for the stars with our straws. The trick was to figure out how to get off the ground.

It’s relatively easy to make a few hundred or even a thousand straws by hand. You just need people. But making 100s of million - that required, yet again, us putting on our thinking caps and after barrels of blood, sweat, tears, and drinks - we made it

The world’s first machine that’s on a mission to make sipping universally better.

Reed straws package
Person drinking with straw

Designed by nature. Made in Sweden.

It turns out the answer to plastic was staring us in the face the whole time. Reeds are nature’s straw — we simply cut them, clean them and put them in a beautiful (recycled) box for you to drink with. Helping to save the planet with every sip.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

Reed straws package in the sand
Drinks with straws from above
Available in any colour you want
Drinks with straws in the sand
Reed straws package with drink
Multiple straws of different colour in a glas
As long as it’s
Straws that don’t suck ☺︎

These guys don't suck

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